For the past three decades, Vardhman has been a leading dealer of electrical items and one-stop shop for all electrical items and appliances. After operating as a brick-and-mortar business, we are now online – you can send us your queries, get estimates and also order electrical goods online.

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Vardhman Wires

Multi-strand wires with stringent
and best quality electrolytic grade copper

Vardhman offers a wide range of multi-strand wires for domestic household applications. Vardhman brand wires are manufactured as per stringent quality specifications and with best quality Electrolytic Grade Copper.

Other features which make Vardhman brand of wires a preferred choice compared to other brands in the market are:

  • Use of DOP (Dioctyl Phthalate) as a plasticizer: DOP makes the PVC wires flexible, strong, heat resistant, and toxic free.
  • High Elongation Stability: The wires have high elongation stability of 260% and are flexible enough to take any desired bending and twisting without breaking and cracking.
  • High Thermal Stability: The wires have high Thermal stability and the PVC does not crack under severe cold conditions nor melts in very high temperatures. The wires can withstand a temperature range from - 23º C to 200º C Approx.
  • High Tensile Strength: The wires have high tensile strength of 17.5 and can withstand high tensile stress without breaking.
  • Certified Wires: Vardhman brand of wires come with these different certifications which prove their superior quality and reliability:

Vardhman has its own brand of high-grade MS or Metal Sheet boxes. Our high-load bearing, sturdy, durable and impact-resistant MS boxes are available for different uses such as lighting, ceiling fans and junction boxes. Concealed electrical boxes are also available.

The boxes are manufactured under stringent quality control techniques and they are strong and rust proof. Unlike our competitors, we use new and superior quality Galvanized (GI) sheet of 18 Gauge.

Another feature worth mentioning is that our boxes have brass earth points. We use 4 BA threads for the bolts and screws and thus they do not become loose after repeated handling.

Our MS boxes are 50 mm deep and provide ample space for housing the required electrical equipment.

MS Boxes

High load bearing sturdy durable & impact resistant MS boxes

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